Farm-r brings the sharing economy to UK agriculture
Farm-r is an online marketplace that allows you to rent out your unused farm machinery to farmers who need to use it. This results in improved efficiency and profitability for both businesses.
Earn money by putting idle machinery to work. Save money by renting from other farmers instead of buying.
Owners can rent out their machine with an operator, this increases earning potential and adds a useful service.
You can also search for agricultural contractors, ensuring you always find the best service at the best price.
List or rent a machine in just a few clicks. Payment is instant and secure.
Farm-r is totally free to LIST and RENT machinery, in the future we will charge a small commission.


Earn Money
Generate additional income from machinery you already own. Put these assets to work, increase capital efficiency and improve your return on investment. If it's not being used, list it on Farm-r.
Save Money
Renting machinery from other farmers will often be cheaper than owning and will reduce your cost of production. The diverse range of machinery will make it easy to try new things and build a better business.
Reach a Huge Market
Farm-r allows you to reach out to farmers both locally and nationally so you will always be able to access the right machine or service at the right price, exactly when you need it.

Liberate your farm assets.

Earn money.

Save money.

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Earn money by renting out your farm machinery

Save money renting instead of buying

£150 / day

£70 / day

Our vision

Farmer to Farmer Rental : On Demand

Farmer to Farmer Rental

"Help us build a community of farmers helping farmers"

Together we can reduce key inefficiencies in our farms and make British agriculture more sustainable in the long term.

How it works

1. List your unused machinery

2. Browse & rent something awesome

3. Farm more profitably

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What our users think

I really like your concept! It's going to help alot of people in alot of ways!
It's about time something like this came along. The amount of times people, especially young farmers or people who can't afford contractors day rates, struggle to do what they need to without the machinery they need is very sad. Me included!
The listing process was really easy! I did it all on my mobile, so it was handy that the site was so mobile friendly.
Jodi-  Shepherdess - South East England
James - Shepherd - Dumfries & Galloway
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